The Beholder


The Beholder is an introduction to Cedar + Grace.

Cedar + Grace is a journey. It’s an intention. It’s a way of seeing, observing, shooting and documenting your life that fans the flame of a Realness Revolution in your heart.

Cedar + Grace is the intersection where strength meets tenderness and the place where striving gets a break. Where setbacks get a hug. Where we celebrate and lift up our already-beautiful lives. Where love wins. Where our wholeness, our imperfectness, and our greatness simultaneously have a place at the table. It’s where we gather together, lock elbows and invite the light in.

Mentor & Creativity Coach

Hey sister-friend, I'm Treacy. My story is your story... a juxtaposed tale of both strength and grace, light and dark, the rustic & the refined. I’ve been busy, burnt out and brokenhearted at times. Yet present, whole and free in the same story. I'm a wife, mama, friend, photographer and chicken wrangler, and I'm so glad to welcome you here.

2014 & 2015 were by far some of the hardest years of my life. I had lost my Best Dad, was recovering from some major disappointment and I was BURNTOUT. But 2016 was probably the BEST year I’ve ever had. Not because it was perfect, but because I experienced incredible growth, healing and fresh perspective as I practiced the method I call being The Beholder… a space where I was able to harness unrelenting joy regardless of circumstances.

I’m here now to mentor you through your own journey of pushing back the darkness and finding new evidence of unrelenting joy, freedom, hope and relief from busyness, burnout and brokenhearted-ness.


I’d love to walk with you!

Especially if you:

- are looking for more joy in 2017 than you had in 2016

- love light, beauty, connection and savoring simple things

- are already in a growth pattern and want more

- are optimistic and positivity minded

- want to experience more creativity, adventure, exploration, discovery, empathy & encouragement

- enjoy the creative process of taking/sharing photos/thoughts

"I have loved, loved, loved The Beholder journey! It has been a huge blessing in my life and I am excited to see how it continues to impact my little world. I truly enjoy connecting with others all over the world and sharing insights with one another. Treacy's a conversation cultivator, a facilitator of comfortable vulnerability that ultimately results in learning,changing, and growing. It’s changing my life."

~ Jenny, NC

"Treacy brings brilliance and light, unearths joy, savors, and makes the most beautiful safe space for us to practice doing the same. She’s a soul gardener of the sacred things in life."

~ Alanna, CO

The journey of The Beholder is one of SIMPLE, EASY & QUICK invitations that will be FULL of IMPACT. Small thoughts/actions that will lead you to astounding ah-ha moments.

You’ll receive:

- A monthly instructional and inspirational video episode emailed to your inbox explaining the focus for each week ahead

- Weekly invitations to dive deeper and refocus via live FB video events (replay always available) within the private FB group

- Access to Private FB group to interact with me and other kindred hearts

- Photo prompts to help you bask in the beauty you already know exists and an opportunity to find hidden treasure in what you ALREADY have.

- Creativity Coaching for your iPhone photography (or whatever camera you're using!)

To get started, all that’s required is your willingness to jump in and a small monthly investment of $12. You can unsubscribe at any time. (We don’t think you’ll want to...but on the off chance you do, we can still be friends!)

Are you ready to start telling the story your heart has been longing to tell?

Join us today!

“The Beholder has inspired me to find joy & love in my life through the healing art of photography. It’s made photography really fun for me again. This has helped me tremendously each week to have something outside of myself to focus on.”

~ Denise, New Mexico

"Treacy is a mentor and a storyteller, using images, words, and video to stir deep conversation. She has cultivated a tribe of women that fosters growth and enriches souls.

Being a Beholder has encouraged me to slow down and purposely celebrate and reflect on the depth of my life. Within this group, there are no expectations, only inspiration and encouragement. This targeted focus of beholding has bettered me, both as a photographer and a mother. I feel more centered, as I intentionally seek out the beautiful moments in my life and embrace the more challenging ones that add strength to my character. We all need to tribe to lean on and grow with, and this is a beautiful one."

~ Bridget, NJ